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About This Blog


I decided to start this blog to catalogue my pipes, my love of pipesmoking, my love of tobacco and generally to stick it to the anti-smokers out there who don’t know what they are talking about.

Pipesmoking is not a habit. Done properly it is an intellectual experience. It is an aid to contemplation, a mellower of moods, a soother of the troubled mind and a friend to the common man. It makes philosophers of ruffians and levels any field where two pipesmokers come together. No matter what their differences may be, they will always be able to sit together and enjoy a bowl of tobacco in peaceful harmony.

If all the leaders of the world smoked a pipe, it would be a much more peaceful place to live in.

Links Policy.

Where possible, the links on this site will lead you to pages and sites in English. I am always on the lookout for new pages to add and would be grateful for any recommendation from those that come here to read.

Contact and Comments Policy.

Should anyone feel the need to send me a note regarding this site or any other information or questions, I would recommend using the contact form under “Drop me a line”. Messages sent via that medium will not appear on the site but will be answered and treated as confidential.

Comments on posted material are welcome but subject to my moderation.

I will not tolerate the tobacco police here, so if you are an anti-smoker, save yourself the trouble. You won’t get published in the comments section.

Equally unwanted are the pingbacks that are no more than links to advertising websites that have little or nothing  to do with smoking a pipe, or are designed to drive traffic to another website at the expense of my bandwidth. These will be ruthlessly deleted and marked clearly as spam to my providers. They will never show up in the comments on this site.


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