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A Meerschaum Gift

June 14, 2018

This one came to me from a friend. I had an old lattice meer which I dearly loved but, unfortunately, it broke. I have no idea as to why. It wasn’t dropped or knocked but, somehow, the shank crumbled and broke and there was no fixing it. My pal had this one. He didn’t smoke it and thought I might like it as a replacement. I thanked him dearly and this meer became mine.

Beautifully mottled, it is taking colour. The ring is silver and the stem is acrylic. The connection between shank and stem is a mortice and tenon joint. A straight insert in both sides of the fixture.  No screws in this one.
There are no makers marks on the pipe either, so determining its origins is impossible beyond the suspicion that the meerschaum came from Turkey. Equally, there are no clues on the case. My friend says he bought it a pipe show and asked no questions of the seller, probably due to the well known language barrier!

So, specifications:
Bowl height: 49 mm.
Chamber: 34 mm deep and 23 mm diameter at the top. Tapered bore.
Bowl external: 37 mm Diameter.
Total length: 148 mm.

A nice pipe to have in the hand, it smokes well and is light in weight. It will make a worthy replacement for my lattice meer and I feel sure that I will come to appreciate it as much as I did its predecessor.

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  1. John Mc permalink
    January 18, 2019 14:30

    Just checked in on a whim. Glad to see you’re still throwing up the occasional post.

    Yep. Thanks John. Still here, but busy with the family and a lot of e-mail! More posts will follow…

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