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Danish Nationals 2014

March 24, 2014

Once again, as is my tradition, I was at the Danish National Championship in slow pipe smoking and pipe show. What a fun day it is too…

I was in the company of a good friend who, strangely, isn’t a pipe smoker. In fact, he doesn’t smoke at all but he is fascinated by the culture. He usually ends up being a judge at one of the tables. This year was no different.
The pipe show was extensive, slightly larger than last year and the choices to be made are many and varied. I did not buy any pipes this year as I have other financial problems to solve but that didn’t stop me looking. One meets and greets as one goes and I certainly met a lot of old acquaintances and old friends. Being the recently elected chairman of my pipe club, I was congratulated by many of them who wished me luck in my new position. I hope I don’t disappoint any of them.

On to the madness then. The pipe smoking. As is the tradition, we smoked Sweet Dublin tobacco in a Stanwell pipe. The pipe certainly talks the talk and looks the look but I must admit to being slightly disappointed with the pipe. The last two years have brought us a fairly robust billiard but this year we were presented with a slightly lighter model. It didn’t suit me and I didn’t smoke very well this year. I only achieved a meager 54 minutes where I normally get up over the hour and fifteen. Such is life. At least I didn’t go as the first one out. My good friend Tom managed that after only 4 minutes!

IMG_5216Here is the pipe. The bowl and shank are at right angles to themselves, which make it ‘legal’ according to the well known international competition rules but the stem has a slight curve to it. The shank bears a silver plaque with DM2014 indented into it and the pipe bears all the usual Stanwell marks.

I didn’t come home with any prizes. We fared less than well in the team competition and were not placed in the top ten individual competition.
However, I did come home with a very nice limited edition pipe. It was presented as a gift from a well known tobacconist and was given away by drawing a competition number from a hat.
I couldn’t contain my joy at being selected.
More about that later.

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  1. nick valadez permalink
    March 24, 2014 14:35

    Eventhough you didn’t come home with any prizes, good job my friend, I’m sure 2015 has your name on it. And congratulations on being elected to your new position with your club!

    Thanks Nick. Let’s hope I get a real shot at it next year.

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