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My Second Savinelli Oscar 616KS

February 28, 2012

Which might not make sense to some. Why have two of the same model? Well, firstly, it isn’t quite the same as the other one.  And secondly, it doesn’t look exactly like it either. Thirdly, I got it cheap from a guy who didn’t want it. A long story.

I picked it up at the Danish Championships in slow pipe smoking last year. Someone was lucky enough to win it on one of the spot prizes and didn’t really want the pipe because it was too big for his tastes. I love King Size.. so when he heard that I might buy it, he came straight to me. I did indeed buy it. At about half price. He was happy with the cash and I was happy with the brand new 616.

IMG_4475This one isn’t a “Dry” system, as the other is marked. This is an Oscar Aries. It is still a 616 KS though and has that lovely multi-gray and white stem, in contrast to the plain black stem on the dry.
The engineering is identical in both pipes and this one does have the same well at the bottom of the airway in the shank which makes for the Savinelli system, much like the Peterson system. It probably would not be unfair then, to call this a system pipe too, although purists may disagree.

Not much grain to speak of on this particular pipe and, in that respect,  it isn’t among the best lookers that I do own but the form of the pipe suits my big hand and thick fingers and it is pleasant to my eye. It sits comfortably between my teeth too, probably because of the bend compensating for the weight of the bowl. Strangely, Savinelli doesn’t deliver these pipes with a high polish.  Both have a half-matt appearance and no amount of polishing on my part has changed that.

All in all, I like this pipe. In fact, both of the Savinellis have a place in the rotation and frequently accompany me on various trips around town. With an easy draw and big enough to hold tobacco for a whole morning, allowing for many relights along the way or for sitting and relaxing for ages in my armchair, this pipe fulfills many functions in my day.

Dimensions are uncannily similar to the Dry System.  Markings are slightly different:

“Oscar Aries”, “616KS” over “Italy” beside the Savinelli logo.
“Savinelli product” under the shank.

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  1. Arko permalink
    March 2, 2012 02:10

    Ah, yes, we had that model too in the shop — sold quite well! While it’s not a pipe I could picture being in my own collection (the KS pipes are too large for me), I still find it rather attractive. Especially the stem. The play between the bowl finish and the horn like pattern of the stem is very interesting. I hope you enjoy it in good health for many, many years.

    All the best.

    Thanks Arko. I hope so too…!

  2. Tom H permalink
    March 7, 2012 04:02

    nice post, just found your blog, cannot wait to read on!

    You’re more than welcome Tom. I hope you enjoy hanging around here.

  3. Terry permalink
    April 4, 2012 21:01

    Love the pipe. I just recently got this Savinelli Oscar Tiger. Have had many friends share how much the like the look of the stem of of the pipe.

    Thanks for your post and sharing of the pic.

    And thanks for the comment. However, I suggest you read the “Comments Policy” on the front page under “About this blog”. I generally delete links that appear in the comments, as I did with the link you sent here. If you wish me to add a link to the links section on the front page, a simple request is usually all that is required.

  4. September 27, 2012 01:17

    Wow, there is so much to learn (that’s a good thing) about the varieties of pipes, pipe lighters, tobacco and the oh so soothing process of tending the lit pipe!

    I enjoy reading blogs on pipe smoking and particularly yours, as I can sense your enjoyment of pipe smoking. I look forward to reading more of your blogs and learning about new pipes and techniques that make the smoke relaxing and enjoyable.

    If you’re interested you may want to peruse the discoveries of a newbie pipe smoke on my blog; .

    Thanks again!

    You’re welcome Dan. Nice to have you dropping by. Thanks for the link.

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