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Tobacco Road..

June 4, 2011

Well, I’ve been busy lately, so sorry about the light posting frequency here. I’ve been busy in the garden and in my pipe club and at work, so something had to suffer. The thing is, my tobacco plants are in the ground now and have been for almost a month. The problem with that has been the weather. It’s been very wet and not as warm as it should be, but things have gotten better in the past week and the plants have finally taken off. I had a few losses to birds and slugs but filled the gaps with my reserve plants and I now have about forty five good plants growing steadily in the garden.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure at the moment than going round the patches, pipe in the mouth, weeding round and tending to these little beauties. If nothing else, I’ve learned that the garden can be a relaxing place to be!

Here’s a few snapshots of a couple of my babies. Lookin’ good, eh? Virginia on the left, Orinoco on the right.

IMG_4159        IMG_4160

Now that it’s all up to nature and the weather, I promise to get back to the core business of this blog. I do have a couple of new pipes I want to tell you all about.

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  1. Christopher Lang permalink
    June 4, 2011 22:04

    I’m interested in your garden project. Hopefully next year I’ll be doing this myself. Thanks for keeping us posted.

    Thank you Sir. I’ll be keeping everyone updated as the project develops.

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