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My new Refbjerg

February 26, 2011

Occasionally, I get to visit Søren Refbjerg’s workshop. I enjoy these visits immensely and I enjoy chatting with and learning from the man himself. We are developing a firm friendship.

The last time I was there, I found an unfinished pipe on the bench. I immediately liked the shape and size of the stummel and the curve in the pipe from the tip to the front of the bowl. The whole thing seemed to flow in one long line and the size of the bowl sat nicely in my hand. I could see shades of the Rhodesian shape on it. I fell in love with it there and then.

“I have to own this one.”, I said. “Then I’ll finish it for you.”, said Søren.  And that he did.

IMG_3988Three days later, it arrived in the post.
It’s all I wanted it to be! Deeply and finely rusticated, decorated with white Galalite and a smooth rim on the bowl.  A polished area at the end of the shank puts a lovely finish on this beautiful pipe. At 75 grams, it is lightweight, extremely comfortable to hold and it smokes very well indeed. The shank is conical, broadening from the bowl to the stem, giving  this pipe a unique appearance in my rotation.
I’m breaking it in with Virginia and I can tell, it won’t take long. Corsican briar is unbeatable!

Markings are clear and crisp. “Refbjerg” over the italic “Handicraft” over “Made in Denmark” over italic “Profile”, which denotes this as a free form pipe.
The pipe is 140 mm long,  the bowl is about 45 mm high and 50 mm in diameter at its broadest point. The chamber is bored to 20 mm and is 38 mm deep. The airway looks to be around 4 mm and the draw is beautifully open allowing for an easy draw.

I know I’ll be smoking this one at least once a day.

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  1. February 26, 2011 17:02


    This could possibly be the best looking pipe I’ve ever seen! I am in awe of the rim and the subtle way it marries with the shank. You’re a lucky piper for sure!

    Kind regards

    Thanks Dean. This is typical of Søren’s freestyle work. Always something to catch the eye.. If you want to see more, visit my sales site. No pressure, of course.. but there are some of Søren’s current pipes for sale there. It won’t cost you anything to just look…!!

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