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Parker Lovat

January 21, 2011

According to

Parker Pipe Co. was created in 1923 by Dunhill. After Dunhill acquired Hardcastle the two companies were merged (1967) in the Parker-Hardcastle Ltd.

parkerSo, if you can’t get a Dunhill but want something they made anyway, get a Parker. Or a Hardcastle. I spotted this Parker Lovat going for a fairly low price on Ebay, so I made a reasonable bid and won. I’m not usually interested in the Dunhill name, or any other for that matter, it’s workmanship that gets my vote, but this one just looked nice and I like Lovats.

It had a ghost in the bowl, something sweet and fruity. I smoked it out with strong virginia flake. The bowl burned a little too hot for my liking under that process but the thing settled down toward the end of the first bowl and is now a great smoker. I had to learn to smoke this one gently as the airway is wide open and drawing too hard, smoking too fast, is made very easy by just that.

I presume this was a natural finish when the pipe was new. If so, then the tobacco has given it a nice, almost orange, colour. The stem is spotless and ends with a broad button (19 mm.)

parkerlogoMarkings are very sparse and not what I expected from Parker as Dunhill go to great lengths to mark their pipes with a plethora of information. The pipe is simply marked “Parker of London”, “Bordeaux” and a model number “286s”. I presume the “S” is for saddle stem.

The pipe is 145 mm long and the chamber is bored to 20 mm, as far as I can tell.
The bowl is 47 mm tall and the chamber is 42 mm deep.



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