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Ser Jacopo

November 25, 2010

IMG_3786I always wanted one of these!

I’ve been keeping quiet about  this one until I was finished with the initial break in period. I can’t keep quiet about it any longer! I picked it up at the pipe show in Lisbon and was immediately about four hundred dollars poorer than when I came in. Price was no object here and, as we all know, resistance is absolutely futile! I fell in love with this lovely Ser Jacopo on contact with it. The silverwork is superb, the grain is beautiful and it just fitted so comfortably into my big old hand that putting it down again would have been sacrilege.

It smokes like a dream come true. The airway is nicely open and I don’t have to work hard to get smoke from the bowl to my palate. The stem is broad and easy to hold in my teeth and meets the shank at the now familiar faux spigot, which is really a disguised tenon.  (Much the same as my Mastro De Paja full bent.) Maybe this is an Italian trend. I don’t know, but I call it clever camouflage. This “spigot” won’t fall apart through vibration.

Markings are all clear and distinct. The large silver ring is marked “Ser Jacopo” on a small plaque under the shank. The shank is marked with all the makers stamps that one would expect.
”Ser Jacopo” in italics over “Fatta a mano in Italia”, the line name “Delecta”, and model number “L1” in a circle. On the starboard side of the shank is the motto, “Per Aspera ad Astra”. The stem is decorated with the Jacopo “J” silver inlay.

A large pipe, the dimensions are as follows:IMG_3787

Length: 145 mm.
Bowl: 45 mm at the broadest point and 55 mm in height.
Chamber: Ø21,5 mm and 46 mm deep.
The stem is 18 mm wide at the button. The button is 6 mm high.

I realise that Ser Jacopo creates other lines and other models, but I can’t own them all. For now though, I’ll make do with this one and be more than happy to smoke it whenever I wish.
That’s one pleasure I can always look forward to now!

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  1. November 25, 2010 12:11

    Sounds this is a great pipe, certainly looks the part.

    We market 4 traditional Irish Clay Pipes. Check out

    OK Trevor, now this is cheeky. You very nearly went into my spam filter. I don’t normally allow these “pingbacks” in the comment section. However, I went looking for clays once and I found your site. In the interests of serving others, I’m going to let this comment stand and put you in my links collection.
    I hope it doesn’t inspire everyone else…. If anyone wants a link included in the collection, then drop me a line from the front page. I’ll be happy to oblige.

  2. John permalink
    November 27, 2010 11:54

    Certainly looks worth the money and a keeper.

    Thanks. I think so!

  3. December 22, 2010 19:52

    Good afternoon,

    I wanted to tell you how magnificent it was to find your blog! I appreciate all of the great information you’ve shared and am excited to find another pipe enthusiast. I wonder if I might ask your permission to add you to the blog list on my new site? It is still in the infant stage but I hope to make it a site worthy of other pipe smokers. Thanks for your consideration

    Kind Regards,

    Hi there, thanks for commenting.
    Give a link, get a link. I’ll add you to the link list at the next update.

  4. Jboy permalink
    September 17, 2011 11:04

    I recently purchased a Ser Jacobo Gepetto. I know what your mean. It is like I’m dreaming that I’m smoking a pipe, it is that perfect.

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