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Refbjerg Churchwarden

August 2, 2010

I bought this one from Søren Refbjerg a number of years ago. Up until then I had only ever owned one Churchwarden. A “Hans Christian Anderson” from Stanwell. I still have that one, of course, it was a birthday present when I turned forty.

Of the two, I actually prefer this one. It is cut from a plateau block and is, I believe, the only plateau pipe I have that displays the knobbly top on the rim. The pipe displays a lovely straight grain and is a superior smoker. Conically bored, it is most suited to flake tobacco and does extremely well on rubbed out flakes too. I tend to smoke it while watching TV. It is virtually impossible for me to clench a warden and I would be afraid of biting through the stem.

I once heard that these pipes got their name as a result of a priest who would time his sermon by keeping his eye on the church warden sitting at the back of the church. The warden would light his pipe at the start of the sermon and when he was finished smoking it, the priest would know that his time was up for that particular Sunday.

I have no idea if this is true or not. But oh my, the very thought of smoking in church today would cause an outcry on a parallel with Martin Luther’s famous protest.

This pipe is 270 mm long, that’s about a foot, if you are too lazy to do the conversion.
The bowl is 57 mm high at the absolute high spot on the rim.
The chamber is bored conical, starting at 19 mm and is 40 mm deep.

With a bit of luck, I may have a couple of these to sell soon.


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  1. Ray Charlong permalink
    August 18, 2010 19:37

    A beautiful and graceful pipe! Filled with a favorite blend, seated next to a warm fire on a cold night and there will be magic in the air! Very nice pipe indeed!

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