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The Cellar in Your Iphone

July 5, 2010

As stated elsewhere on this blog, I get a lot of email from many different people all over the world. I always answer and occasionally I get to see something that catches my interest. So it was with an email from a certain Mr. Jason Goldman.

image He mailed me asking if I would do a review of an Iphone application which he calls “The Pipe Tool”. Not having an Iphone, I politely declined but said that if he could get someone else to review it, I may be interested in publishing the results here.

OK, said Jason, but while you’re waiting, here’s a youtube video explaining the application. Don’t worry dear readers. I’ve linked it at the bottom of this post.

I saw the video and was suitably impressed, enough to mail Jason again and ask if this was his creation or just another commercial application? Here’s his reply, and please readers, read it through!:


I have been making mobile games for the past 10 years or so, starting with palm and pocket PC, then verizon cell phones – with 300 Bowl being the longest selling game on the platform, and currently focused on iPhone and iPad (for the past two years) with a mix of games and utilities

Having dropped my old smoking habits of cigs and cigars for pipes late last year I was so enthralled that I had sampled some 250 blends by the end of the year and had already put about fifty pounds into my cellar

As there was no software available for cellaring other than the simple online versions, which I found less than perfect and slow for entry, I took it on as the next project – the first product I have made for such a small audience, but it’s also the one I have personally most desired to have  🙂

Pipe Tool took me about three months to design and program, with over 8,000 lines of code.  You may search over 3500 tobaccos by blender, description, content, cut, cure, amount and/or age in cellar, as well as by user recommendation, strength, room note, etc.

Data on over 3500 tobaccos from tobacco reviews, with sophisticated search and email reports.


Well, that did it for me. I love initiative, so here you are Jason!

If you have an Iphone and would like to try it, Jason offers free codes for downloading and trial of this application to the first three candidates. He has kindly allowed me to publish his email address for interested parties. And I’d still like to have a review of the application if anyone wants to fill that particular void.


Youtube video

Jason’s email:

Website description:

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  1. Douglas Eckhoff permalink
    July 25, 2010 01:20

    The Pipe Tool application is brilliant! I downloaded it yesterday for my Ipod and am very pleased to say it is well worth the one time fee of $6.99. I highly recommend it.

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