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Refbjerg Canadian

May 31, 2010

One of the extras we get with membership of our pipe club is the annual internal championships. This is held every year in the month of May and decides a ranking within the club. It also has influence on how we place members in teams for international events and so on, so a good result is something we all go after. This year was no exception and the competition was fierce. I came fourth and am as pleased as Punch.

IMG_3593 Of course, we have to have a new pipe for this competition. We commissioned Søren Refbjerg to do the honours. He temporarily came out of retirement and produced this lovely smooth Canadian for us.
Typical for Søren, it is well made and very well engineered. He made 35 of them, so this one is one of a limited edition of sorts. It smokes beautifully and is going to get a lot of tobacco through its bowl. It loves mixtures, which makes it ideal for me in the daylight hours.


Length:145 mm
height: 42 mm
Bowl : Ø 35 mm at its widest point
Chamber: 20 mm x 38 mm deep

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  1. Kypros Christodoulides permalink
    May 31, 2010 19:28

    Hello Keith and everyone.
    It comes as no suprise that the pipe smokes beautifully, it looks beautiful also.
    My recent experience with Danish pipes is one of utter admiration and delight.
    Until I discovered this blog I did not own any Great Danes ( this is how I call my Danish pipes). Now I own a few and unfailingly they win hands down over every other pipe I smoke. Initially i put it down to big bowls, but when my small bowl Brakner arrived it wasn’t only beautiful but on par with my other Danes. That puzzled me again.
    Could please someone enlighten me as to what makes Danish pipes such great smokers?
    Bravo Keith on your placement in the contest. This is much higher than last year.

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