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There’s no Smoke..

April 12, 2010

Well, actually, there was. And quite a lot of it too. I was at the Danish National Slow Pipe Smoking Championships yesterday. For once, I did quite well, holding out for an hour and a quarter, helping my team achieve a third place in the team competition and getting myself into the top twenty. I came out of the fray with an 18th place. It wasn’t easy. I’m glad we took all those evenings in my friend’s cellar practicing for the event. My pipe virtually blocked after about thirty minutes and I couldn’t get any smoke out of it. I managed to keep it burning by blowing gently down the stem and sucking as hard as I dared on the odd occasion to keep the ember going in the right direction. I love a challenge. And I certainly had one there. After struggling with it to the end, there was nothing combustible left in my pipe. It was all ash.

The show was good too. Not as big as I hoped it would be but there were four or five pipe makers and a whole bunch of estate sellers there so there were pipes to look at, pick up and feel and buy, if one was so inclined. I saw a few old friends, made a new one, smoked myself silly and generally had a grand day in the company of my fellow men. I finally got to speak to one of the more famous pipe makers. Former. I don’t have one of his pipes. I may have to change that soon.

IMG_3533 On the subject of pipes..

Stanwell supplied the pipe, a sand blasted Dublin decorated with a silver plaque stating simply “DM 2010”. I notice there is no “Made in …” stamp, so I can’t say if this is a Danish or Italian Stanwell. It does bear the Stanwell “S” on the stem but otherwise there are no markings. Either way, the quality of the pipe is typical of Stanwell and their excellent reputation. The pipe is 130 mm long and 47 mm  tall. The chamber is conical starting at 19 mm and tapers 37 mm down into the bowl. This will make an excellent flake pipe.

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  1. April 12, 2010 21:17

    It’s nice to see you back. I always enjoy reading your posts, this one especially. It sounds like a great day.

  2. Arko permalink
    April 12, 2010 23:48

    Congrats on the great results! It sure was a fine day. Lets get together again soon!

    Absolutely! Always a pleasure. By the way, how’s that Charatan working out?

  3. Arko permalink
    April 16, 2010 15:55

    Oh, the Charatan is just lovely! And so is the BBB. They’re seeing some action these days. Perfect Va-smokers both of them.

    Sounds good. So glad when these things work out nicely.. BTW, the Marlin Flake was delicious. I bought a tin yesterday. Thanks for pointing me in that direction.

    • Arko permalink
      April 16, 2010 17:41

      Just glad to help. And I knew you’d like it!

  4. June 18, 2010 22:40

    Hi guys. Nothing wrong with some marlin flake in a good pipe.

    Couldn’t agree more!

  5. January 13, 2012 21:52

    Any idea where to buy this pipe; I like it!

    Maybe, I could find one for you… Give me time…

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