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Reet Petit.. N’est ce Pas?

April 12, 2010

Every man should have at least one BIG pipe. I actually like ‘em on the big side but this one is a monster. It’s from Genod, of St. Claude fame, and is a nice piece of briar to boot. Natural finish, it has not been stained or coloured beyond having been waxed and polished. How I came by it is a bit of a story too.

We were to have a guest speaker at one of our pipe club evenings, his topic was to be pipes for tobaccos and tobaccos for pipes. Meaning, what makes for a mixture pipe and what would be good for flakes. Is there a difference and why? Well, there is, but let’s not get into that here. His presentation was slightly different to what we had expected and he threw himself into a lecture on “Pipes that I hate”. He had examples to back his arguments up too, one of them being this huge Genod. I asked, in my somewhat callow fashion, if he didn’t like it, why not sell it? “Would you buy it?” he asked. “Yep”.

The deal was sealed in a flash. I have to say, the pipe is in superb condition and it needed virtually no cleaning. I sterilised the stem, gave it a polish and smoked it straight away. I filled it with Dark Kentucky from Orlik. Heaven.

IMG_3534 OK, let’s get this straight. This one isn’t for the clenchers among us. Hanging this one in your kisser and trying to move around is going to rip your head off or cost you your teeth. It’s big and heavy. In an emergency, it could be used as a weapon and one could hide in it in the event of aerial bombardment! Apart from that though, it’s a lovely pipe to smoke if you have a few hours to spare and I’m glad I own it.

The pipe is decorated with what appears to be a horn ring on the stem. Stampings are scant and simple. “Genod” over “Saint-Claude France”

Dimensions are impressive:

Length: 175 mm
Bowl height: 65 mm
Chamber: Ø23 mm x 50 mm
Button: 20 mm broad x 8mm thick

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  1. Arko permalink
    April 12, 2010 23:39

    What a monster! And filled up with DK? – you sir, you’re a brave man!

  2. Kypros Christodoulides permalink
    May 4, 2010 18:05

    A friend of mine has a big Ben Wade that is exceptionally cool to smoke. He puts it down to the size of the bowl. Being big it takes a lot of time to get hot. The other advantage is that the smoke lasts for ever.
    I found out as a lot of you gentlemen out there know already that ben wade is a tratemark that Lane of Charatan fame bought from a disolving company and then commissioning Preben Holm to make his pipes for the American Market using this name. Holm was already selling his pipes in the states under his name, but the company importing them went bust. Lane wanted to give holms’ pipes another name since he thought the previou importer would try to unload the remaining stock of preben holms pipes at a huge discount. Thus he named them Ben Wades. Mind you these pipes are not seconds since Lane was very insistent on quality always having arguments with holms.
    Anyway the company that was selling the preben holms in the U.S did quite the opposite.They started selling them at a premium saying that there are going to be no more imports of the pipes.

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