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A Lot of Work

December 8, 2009

One thing about having your own website is, that you get to do a lot of work in the evenings! You have to maintain it. I have been running my sales site for about nine months now and have had some success along the way. The site changed its look as I became more proficient at HTML, CSS and other web skills and one has to remove and fill up with stock as one buys and sells. The web work is getting easier as I progress and the site is getting a reasonable amount of attention from my customers and visitors. The initial outlay for the site has been recovered and I am finally making a little pocket money. I am not going to get rich, but the hobby keeps me interested and I am learning as I go. This can take a few hours a week to maintain.

The other part, is the work I have to put into revamping old pipes as I get them. I get them wherever I can. Some I buy, some I find, some have been my own that I no longer smoke. This is both pleasant and rewarding. Pleasant, because I can achieve a visible result. Rewarding, because I can make a little cash out of it, but also because I can learn things about my hobby as I restore these old smoking instruments. I learn where they come from, who made them, how they made them.
I learn about the materials and tools involved and I learn how to restore things to their former glory. Or, at least, as close as I can get to it.  This takes many hours a week! It doesn’t stop with just the cleaning, repairing and polishing of the pipes. I also photograph them and then have to edit and save these photos and prepare pages for the website to show them off. It is like having an extra job. The only drawback is, that the wages are lousy! This is a labour of love as much as anything else.

The past five evenings, I have spent my time restoring these old pieces.

I wish had taken pictures before I started but I think maybe showing the results of my work is enough. All these are now on sale at my site.

Where’s that? It’s here:

And here are the pipes; A Stanwell, a Butz Choquin, a GBD, a Chacom and a Redman. I think they all cleaned up rather nicely.


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