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Norup. A Piece of Danish History

December 7, 2009

Some years ago, three Danish pipe makers of excellent repute put their heads together and decided to collaborate on a project that became a benchmark in Danish pipe production.

The brand of Norup was established by Lars Christensen, Hans Jonny Nielsen (a.k.a. Former) and Jess Chonowitsch. They worked together designing and making pipes as far back as 1968. Unfortunately, the Norup company no longer exists.
There is an old .pdf catalogue showing their selection of shapes here, should anyone be interested.

This is very interesting for me as my pipe club has inherited a batch of pipes, which I am cleaning up and evaluating, to sell for a former member who has recently been required to give up the pleasantries of smoking a pipe. I found this pipe amongst the Jensens and Stanwells , Comoys and Refbjergs.

As far as I can see, the pipe I have here is the no. 6 from the aforementioned Norup catalogue.
This particular model is rusticated around about half of the bowl. The starboard side of the bowl displays some lovely birds eye. With the big bowl, oval shank and gentle bend on the stem, this pipe is delightful to hold.
Here’s a few pictures of this rare, beautiful and well preserved piece of history.


IMG_3364    IMG_3365 



Dimensions are as follows:

Length: 145 mm

Bowl height: 50 mm

Bowl outer: Max. 39.5 mm and 30 mm at the rim.

Chamber: Ø 19 mm Depth: 45 mm

3 Comments leave one →
  1. April 13, 2010 01:31

    Dear Keith

    I have two Norup-pipes at syd-fyn………..*s*

    Thanks for yesterday!

  2. Kari Johansson permalink
    December 21, 2010 01:56

    I have an old Norup nb36 but I don`t find anything of it in the net.
    Do you have any knowledge of that?

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