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Another Very Old Pipe

July 15, 2009

And a rather little one at that. This beautiful little horn shape from France dates back to the 1920’s. It was unsmoked when I acquired it but I have since smoked it several times and it is fast becoming one of my regular “go to work” pipes.

IMG_3192The bowl is not big and I can fill it loosely and happily smoke it within the allotted smoke periods at my workplace. This pipe is much smaller than anything else I have and I find myself holding it somewhat like a cigarette. It is clearly marked with the “Bruyere Garantie” stamp and I believe it hails from St. Claude in France. The stamping is picked up in gold lettering. The nickel (or is that silver?) band makes a nice decoration and the bowl is stained with a burgundy red colour. The finish is either a varnish or some sort of lacquer. It never seems to dull nor does it melt. Removing grubby finger marks is easy with the use of no more than a clean cloth. The shine is permanent! The stem is made from horn. A lovely little pipe to have in the shirt pocket and it smokes very well.


Length: 140 mm

Bowl height: 43 mm

Bowl diameter: 30 mm

Chamber: Ø 19.5 mm, Depth: 37 mm

The airway is a surprising 4 mm in the shank.

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  1. Highstump permalink
    July 18, 2009 19:03

    I congratulate you on your find. In this case I am not filled with pipe envy as small pipes and/or the horn (or cutty shape for that matter) never have quite appealed to me for some reason. I hope it gives you many hours of enjoyment in the years to come.


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