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Big Beefy Peterson 302 Sterling Silver

May 1, 2009

I found this pipe on Ebay. Having cleaned up a Peterson 302 for a friend, I decided I had to have one. His was a standard system 302, a very nice model in itself, but the bowl is the thing that got me. It is delightfully round and big enough to sit well in my large hand. The standard 302 has the usual sculptured stem that seems to personify a Peterson but I wasn’t able to find precisely that anywhere. Then this one turned up. A 302 bowl but in the Sterling Silver range. The stem is nicely fitted through a big silver ring and I like the beefy appearance of the Sterlings. This one was listed as a Peterson Dublin.

I understand why when I look at the pipe. The silver band has a lot of markings! It is inscribed with “Peterson’s Dublin” which pretty much identifies it. It is also stamped “Sterling Silver” and bears the traditional hallmarks. The year mark is hard to read but I believe it is the 1975 stamp. Those more knowledgeable will doubtless correct me if my assumptions are wrong.

The bowl is also stamped with the “02” which denotes the size, beside  “Made in the Republic of Ireland”. Turn the bowl around and one can see another stamp, “Peterson’s” over “Dublin & London”. Strangely, there is no Peterson “P” on the stem.

Pete Dublin 02-1 Unfortunately, the previous owner, or perhaps the seller, had been a tad over zealous with a reamer and the bowl was very slightly out of round at the top near the stem side of the bowl. I gently rounded it up again with a little high grade sandpaper and the damage is no longer noticeable. I needed to clean up the outside of the pipe and the airways were not exactly clean either, but with an hours care and attention the bowl turned out looking like new. There is a little area of cross grain on the front of the bowl but otherwise, this is a picture full of birdseye. The stem appeared black in normal light but in the sunlight one could clearly see signs of oxidisation. I decided to give it the full monty. I soaked the stem overnight in chlorine and then buffed it back to smooth the following day. The result was stunning. The pipe shone like new from end to end.

Smoking this pipe is also an experience I enjoy. It is large enough to take a generous portion of my favourite mixture and it smokes effortlessly to the bottom of the bowl, which probably says more about the engineering of the pipe than my smoking capabilities! It is comfortable to hold in both hand and mouth and is a well balanced pipe. I’m thoroughly pleased with this addition to my growing collection.

The price? Almost embarrassing; I only paid $41.00 for it.

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  1. Andre permalink
    May 6, 2009 21:16

    it is a pure beauty! I love these robust pipes. Congrats!

  2. May 9, 2009 06:43

    actually, XL02 is the name of the shape. 302 is the System pipe equivalent of the classic XL02 shape, just as 305 is of 05, and so on.
    So, the shape is XL02 is the bigger variant ofthe basic 03 shape… and so on.. check out Peterson’s site for comparison.

    Thank you. You are referring to the Peterson shape chart, of course. I understand the sizing. It’s the range of Peterson lines that cause confusion as a rule. The site is a little lacking in it’s descriptions.

  3. May 23, 2009 02:06

    i have a 302 with a nickel band and it is one of my favorite pipes, lots of birds eye and an all around great smoker…i however bought a tin of Sherlock (for 15.00) and if it wasn’t so expensive i think i’d feed it to the fish of the st. lawrence river…

    I hear you brother, I hear you…!
    Congrats on the pipe though, I love the 302 shape. Nice hearing from you.

    • Orlando permalink
      November 11, 2013 12:16

      Congrats on this beauty.! I just purchased one on Ebay for about 35,00 euro’s. Near nothing, considering its new state. Does this mean the XL02 is a system pipe , like the 302 ?
      Peterson’s site sure lacks in info.

      Hi Orlando. Mine is indeed bored with the well at the bottom of the shank airway. In my opinion therefore, it’s a system pipe.

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