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Stanwell POY 2009

March 15, 2009

Another pipe I just could not say “no” to. I found it one evening in the local tobacconist’s shop, close to our meeting place, while visiting my pipe club . The proprietor is one of our club members. I really only wanted to top up my tobacco reserves but when I saw this, I was lost to it.

A lovely little pipe, slightly shorter than the 2007 Pipe of the Year but equally as well made and also designed by Tom Eltang. The pipe is decorated with a silver ring on the bowl, a silver Stanwell badge and the POY plaque on the shank. The pipe is stamped “No. 56”. it being number 56 of 305 produced, and is marked “Made in Denmark”. The stamping is crisp and clear.

The pipe is 135 mm long and the maximum bowl height I can measure is 45 mm. The chamber is 30 mm deep and bored at 18 mm. The gentle curving makes it comfortable to hold between the teeth. The stem and shank are slightly oval. The grain runs diagonally upward from the base of the bowl ending with a pleasant and tight birdseye on the front and top.
Truly, this is a beautiful piece of briar. I hope my pictures do it justice.

StanPOY2008 StanPOY2008(1)

This will be a pipe for a special occasion. It is light, elegant and easy to transport in a breast pocket. I have not smoked it yet, but will shortly, as the appropriate occasion presents itself. After all, it isn’t that long to Easter now!

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  1. Vladas permalink
    June 5, 2009 18:15

    Actually this one is POY 2009 (not 2008)

    Vladas, Many thanks, I had not even noticed my own “typo”! Serves me right for concentrating on the text of my post and not the title!
    You are absolutely right, this is the 2009 POY and I have corrected my header to the post.

  2. Vladas permalink
    June 5, 2009 18:25

    Well maybe they overlap somehow. I have different POY stamped as 2008

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