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Shameless Advertising

March 12, 2009

I decided it was maybe time to thin out the herd. I have many pipes and keep acquiring more as time goes by but I have a few that I rarely smoke. I have also caught myself going after pipes that are, shall we say, from the higher end of the market. I decided maybe I should sell off some of my lesser used, though still very good and serviceable, pipes to finance my collection.

auction-gavil I investigated Ebay and all the others and found out, to my horror, that they do take a considerable amount in commission. There was only one thing to do then. Start my own website. I don’t need to charge so much, because no-one is going to grab my money for auction fees. Once the site is paid for, and it isn’t that expensive, I can sell anything I wish at very affordable prices. I’ll be happy, my customers will be happy and we can all have a bit of fun.

My friends have encouraged me and one or two have asked me to put a few of their pipes on my site too. I have done so. My pipe club is also interested. They have thrown a few into the mix as well.

So, dear readers, if you are looking for a bargain, follow the big old link at the top of this page – to “Exile’s Place” – and have a look at what I’ve got.

You will find some exclusive championship and club pipes. These are really limited editions of a sort. They simply won’t get made again. They are all dated. There are a few high end pipes too and some for those that are less monetarily fortunate than others due to either study or other circumstance. I like to think I have something for everyone.

Here’s the really good bit. I am not doing this for a living. Just for pocket money. So I don’t need to overcharge!
Time to get back to some honest trading.

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