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Stolen from Ebay

February 28, 2009

I don’t often set my mind on things from the online auction sites. The practise of using the “sniper” bidding programs is far too common and eradicates any chance of a fair or free auction, so what is the point? Machines that bid against each other. So much for the human touch. I sometimes get the impression too, that there are more dealers out there than “ordinary Joes” and that they only buy so that they can resell, either privately or by re-auctioning the item on Ebay. The idea, ultimately, is to frighten everybody off until the last minute and then let your bidding program steal the item from the interested party in the final seconds of the auction at a low price. If everyone gets the message, that you will be cheated in the last seconds, they won’t even enter a bid in the first place.

I do look at Ebay though and occasionally I see a pipe I like and bid on it. I always decide what the thing might be worth and then enter a one-time only maximum that I would be prepared to pay. If anyone outbids me, then I reckon they paid too much for it. Simple.

PeteSS2 So it was with this little Peterson Silver Sterling from 1978. It is in excellent condition, has not been smoked much and is as new. I bid on it giving about half the price of a new one here and promptly forgot all about it. Surprise, surprise. I won. I paid the bill and waited and the pipe duly arrived at the shack. It is a stunner. The bowl is a full 50 mm high and the chamber is 19 mm in diameter and an astonishing 41mm deep. It is hard to measure a half bent pipe for length but this one reaches 140 mm out from my teeth. The bowl is covered in fine birds eye with a blaze of cross grain on the front of the bowl. The pipe weighs very little. The P-lip is as P-lips are, one either loves them or not. I find them to be OK.

The pipe was bought from James Upshall of the UK. I can thoroughly recommend dealing with them.

Price? Less than my maximum bid, it was a steal, at £32.oo!!

How does it smoke? Beautifully! It is a real gem of a pipe.

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  1. highstump permalink
    March 2, 2009 02:59

    Congratulations are due regarding the Ebay Peterson. It is fine looking piece. I have been avoiding ebay for the most part as well, and for the same reasons. When I do bid on a pipe, I decide what top dollar is for me and bid that. I never go back until the auction has ended and see if someone wanted it more than I did. (Usually they do.)

    If it were more like a real auction I would probably be a bit more active. I am thinking along these lines. If you are out bid in the last few minutes, the auction is automatically extended for another five or ten minutes. As long as bids are made the auction continues. For people who use snipeing software this could end up being very expensive.

    Now, that’s a good idea. In a genuine stand up auction bidding would not be subject to a given point in time. Why not do that with E-bay? Or any other onliner. Solid, sensible thinking.

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