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Stanwell Number 130

January 24, 2009

This must be one of my oldest pipes. Beyond the model stamp “130”, the pipe is marked “Stanwell, Royal Briar” and, of course, “Made in Denmark”. The markings are all on the underside of the shank except the model mark, which is on the right hand side of the shank.
Roybri 130 This one came to me by auction and I gave very little for it at the time. I have no idea of the history of this pipe other than I have owned it for about six years now. It is fairly large pipe, slightly reminiscent of the “Acorn” shape with a conical chamber. It can be held in the mouth but not for extended periods of time unless you have jaws like a bulldog. I haven’t really been giving it the attention it deserves lately but I pulled it off the rack yesterday and it surprised me once again. It smokes very well indeed. I remember having to clean a lot of tar and gunk out of the airway when I got this pipe and I am particular with it when I clean it now. The shank collects a lot of tar like goo but the pipe rarely gurgles. The airway is 4 mm in diameter and the draw is very light. There is something about these older pipes. The feel of them, reminding one of the freehand pipes of the nineteen seventies and the old school engineering of the stem, takes one back to times when life was, perhaps, a little less complicated.

It goes well with Virginias but is not so appreciative of flakes. Typically for me, a conical bowl will warm up drastically as I get closer to the bottom of the bowl while smoking the pipe. This means having to take my time at the end of the bowl and relaxing to enjoy the last of the charge. Not a good pipe for a quick smoke then, but a real experience in the evenings with a good scotch while sitting beside the woodstove toasting one’s toes!

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  1. January 27, 2009 21:09

    When I smoke I love a good joke I love to have fun and laugh I love to raid my friends stash.
    When I smoke I eat all day and let my cares drift away my days often happen this way.
    When I smoke I think about things for a while and my friends and how they make me smile.
    When I smoke everything is ok though I don’t go out much during the day, but all night I will play when I smoke

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  2. December 20, 2011 10:48

    This pipe is absolutely beautiful. It seems like there are several amazing Stanwell shapes that are being lost over the years. I wish I could find a pipe like this (along with the 207 poker shape).

    Should I ever find another Greg, I’ll grab it for you..!!

  3. Karl-Robert Muerch von Kleindorf permalink
    April 25, 2015 21:13

    I have a Stanwell ‘Royal Prince’ pipe bearing the number ‘190’ on the shank and although I got it from a previous pipe smoker, and after a good clean-up, I smoke it myself quite often. I wonder how old it is. I have at the moment 47 pipes in my collection and all get smoked from time to time. Nothing quite like a good pipe full of baccy and a good whisky to go along with the smoke!.

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