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My Birthday Winslow

November 15, 2008

A present from my dear wife. We went to my local tobacconists together. I was in need of some tobacco and she needed to buy me a birthday present. For once, I didn’t see much I liked but then I saw this Winslow and my Pipe Acquisition Disorder kicked in again. So happy birthday to me!

Winslow This is another one of those big pipes that I love so much. I am a reasonably large figure and my pipes need to be of a certain size to fit the size of my hands. Besides that, I find that no matter what I smoke, it tastes better in a large pipe. And this one is large. At first glance I was convinced it was a filter pipe, but not so. The tobacco chamber is 23 mm in diameter and 37 mm deep. Outside the bowl, it measures 55 mm across and is 50 mm from top to bottom. It measures 144 mm in length. Nicely partly rusticated and a quarter bent with a straight grain around the bowl. The airway is wide open on this one and the boring is bottom dead centre. Which is what one expects from a Winslow. It is marked with the Winslow pipe logo and microscopically stamped “Made in Denmark”. There is also a miniscule E stamped into the shank. As yet, I have no idea what that stamping represents.

The pipe comes in a generously dimensioned leather pouch which will also allow me to carry a little tobacco with the pipe. This is a pipe I can walk and travel with and is a superb addition to the growing herd. Having fired it up almost as soon as I got home, I can say that this is a great smoker!

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  1. Dimitri permalink
    November 26, 2008 23:26

    Great looking pipe! How much did you pay for this beauty?

    Well, my wife bought it for me.. she paid 1200 Danish crowns, which translates to about $200 by todays prices. I think she got a bargain..!!

  2. Arko permalink
    December 29, 2008 21:32

    Beautiful pipe! For information on Poul Winsløws gradings go to his website ( and find the pdf-file on the subject in the ‘Pipes’ menu.

    – Arko

    Thankyou Sir, both for your comment and the link.

  3. January 2, 2009 18:01

    I have a couple Winslows and love them both. Yours is especially striking. I too prefer larger pipes and have never been disappointed with the Winslows. Enjoy!
    – Bob

  4. mitch permalink
    December 3, 2009 05:42

    I have 10 Winslows mostly D grades but a few C grades and a B grade. These are the best pipes I have ever smoked. I have a full rotation or two of just Winslow handcuts. They’re beautiful.

    Sounds nice. I wish I had 10 Winslows! Poul will be pleased. (I chat with him on Facebook. I’ll pass this comment on to him!)

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