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Off to See the Wizard

September 4, 2008

Well, at least I think of him as a wizard. Erik Nørding. Pipe maker, hunter, golf fanatic and raconteur, Erik does it all. And he entertains in style too. Not content with entertaining some forty pipe smokers from all over Sealland (and a few from Sweden too) with tales of his business life and leisure time, Erik also served beer and sandwiches for us all while he amused us with his storytelling. With fifty years of pipe making behind him, Erik is far from thinking of retirement. In fact he is thinking of future production in Poland where he has bought the ground space and intends to build a pipe workshop which will make custom and production pipes for just about anybody.

Nørdingfree While there, we had the chance to look at a few of Erik’s creations. New styles and finishes on new and old models and varying sizes of freehand pipes. I spotted this little charmer in the basket marked “250”, which everyone seemed to agree was the price, and how could I not offer that minimal price for such a nice piece of briar. Hand finished, half rusticated, cross grained and a “sitter” too. This is a great addition to my collection. The bowl is 49 mm high with a 21 mm bore, 47 mm diameter at it’s widest point and 150 mm from tip to the front of the bowl. The saddle mouthpiece is a generous 21 mm wide. The airway feels wide open and the draw is effortless.




I’ll be breaking this one in with Virginias and English mixtures from Dunhill.

I’m looking forward to it!

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