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Oh Those Petersons…

August 23, 2008

Lestrade How could I say no to this absolutely gorgeous Peterson “Lestrade” from the Sherlock Holmes collection. I found it today as I was topping up my tobacco cellar at the My Own Blend shop in Copenhagen. It was listed as a bargain, at 50% of the normal price. A bargain indeed. A system pipe, large and rounded, stocky stem and a huge button to hold the pipe behind the teeth, this one is going to be a regular in my rotation. Notice, this is not a P-lip stem.

This is my second from the Sherlock Holmes series, the first being the “Professor” that I bought some months ago. I know this one will smoke equally as well. Being somewhat larger than the Professor, this one is even more pleasing to hold in my hand. It hangs perfectly under my chin too.
But the real clincher for me was the finish and the grain on this pipe. It is one of the best Petersons I have ever seen with straight grain all around the bowl ending in delightful birdseye around the top of the bowl.
Breaking this one in will be a wonderful task. A labour of love.

I’ll get started immediately!

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