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Nørding Freehand

August 8, 2008

Nørding The biggest of my pipes. This beauty was bought about five years ago when I visited Nørding’s workshop in Slangerup, Denmark. It is a huge pipe. The bowl is 59 mm tall, measures 23mm across the chamber which is 50 mm deep. The pipe measures 160 mm from tip to front of the bowl. The outer dimension of the bowl is difficult to measure accurately because of the rusticated finish but is approximately 45 mm. This one is not for holding in the mouth unless one has jaws like a bulldog. Despite it’s unhandy size, it is beautifully proportioned and the silver army mount sets the whole thing off.

I refer to this Nørding as my “two hour” pipe. It takes that long to smoke it and it smokes very well indeed.

Erik was obviously proud of this pipe. He signed it.

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  1. kypros christodoulides permalink
    May 11, 2011 15:56

    Hello Keith,

    I too like Nording pipes and I have a few in my humble collection.
    I have noticed though that when I am at home relaxing, I naturally gravitate towards smoking big pipes. Now most of my pipes are big affairs, mostly Danish freehands and I’m proud of the fact.
    I have smoked other nationality pipes but I haven’t found anything that gives me more satisfaction than a big Danish pipe.

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