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Mount Etna

August 7, 2008

VolcanoWell, that’s what I call her. Probably because she’s older than I am. This is a Stanwell volcano from 1948. Or so I’ve been told. I was given this pipe many moons ago and she was a wreck when I got her. The stain was gone from the briar, the stem was nasty and green and the pipe was full of a thick cake of something absolutely awful. Luckily, I ran into a Stanwell representative in the local kiosk and asked if he could help with a refurbishment. He did. The pipe was returned to Stanwell and for the princely sum of ninety crowns (about $19.00 now) they polished, and restained everything, reamed her out and generally brought her back to life.

I have cared for her since then and smoked her only on special occasions. She sits now in my cabinet among my dearest and most expensive pipes. She probably isn’t worth much, but I love her dearly. She has a few dings and knocks to show for her many years of service but I won’t be adding any.

For the marking fanatics out there, she is marked “37” over “Stanwell”. There is a “Regd. no. 969-48”. over “Handmade in Denmark” and, finally, “Model Depose”. All the markings are clear and sharp.

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  1. Jeremy permalink
    December 28, 2011 19:59

    I am also the proud owner of a Stairwell shape 37. I count it amongst my favorite pipes. Not an abundance of information out there on them though. Anyway, my apologies on posting on such an old topic, but I had to tell you what a great looking pipe you have.

    No such thing as an old topic on this blog.. I like to think of it as timelesss!! You’re right. It is a nice pipe..Thanks for commenting.

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