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Peterson 303

July 3, 2008

pete303This is a little pipe I won on Ebay. I always wanted one and there it was, just waiting to be bidden for.

The pipe is marked with the “K&P” stamp over “Peterson” with no hallmarks on the army mount silver band. The stummel is marked “Peterson System Standard” and “Made in the Republic of Ireland”. “303”. The stem is of the “P-lip” type.

According to the sources I have available, the pipe was made after 1949 but is the right design for a Peterson 303 from the middle nineteen sixties. This pipe then, is about 45 years old. It needed very little cleaning, looks to have been smoked about two or three times and then simply put away. There are no marks, dents, nicks or other damage anywhere, no teeth marks on the stem and no marks in the bowl that indicate reaming out even though the bowl was free of “cake”. Altogether, it is in remarkably good, almost near perfect, condition.

The stem was badly oxidised but after sanding and polishing, it came up like new. It smokes very well and I am going to have get used to the Peterson system whereby any moisture occurring in the pipe during smoking is trapped in a well at the base of the bowl under the airway. This requires a little extra attention when cleaning the pipe but it certainly gives a drier smoke and may therefore be well worth the extra care I need to give it.

Not the largest pipe in my collection, but sure to be a favourite, I like the simple, yet elegant, lines of it. A classic little standard pipe that easily fits in my pocket, I am glad I finally own it.

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  1. August 3, 2009 00:38

    this is more what my peterson looks like but i swear to you it’s marked 302
    …maybe someone put the wrong stem on it??

    No. The 302 and the 303 differ in size while the shape is more or less the same. The 302 is much larger than the 303. Stem shapes vary slightly from year to year (in my experience).

  2. August 3, 2009 00:39

    in fact that’s the exact pipe i have…it’s right next to me while i type this….strange…..

  3. Kypros Christodoulides permalink
    May 4, 2010 19:39

    Please forgive me, but any experience I had with Peterson pipes was a dreadfull one.
    I have tried about four in my life.
    The first one obout 25 years ago which put me off pipe smoking for a long time.
    The next two I borrowed from my father, equally bad.
    The last one I bought from e-bay. Still the same. An old 313 which got very hot to touch in 3 min. of smoking. It gurgled a lot, the smoke hot and tasteless, burning my tongue to a fine crisp. I hated it so much, I gave it to a friend , ( I should have given it to an enemy not a friend) he sanitised it, tried it , albeit with the same deplorable results.
    Do these pipes need a special smoking regime or is it me. I would like to know how come other smokers rave about them.
    Right now I’m relaxing with a fine cogniac in my hand and a beautifull family era sasieni in my mouth. If one suggested to replace it whith a peterson instead, it would be enough to make me head to my very very strong booze bottle.
    By the way, my father loves petersons. whenever i visit i can tell from a distance when he is smokind one as it stinks. Even the dog knows it and runs away.

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