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Pipe Rails

May 11, 2008

I don’t know if I’m the only one with a collection of pipes that were spread out all over the house. I do know that my dear lady was getting fed up with the sight of them everywhere. I mean, I can have my pipes, yes, but do they have to be parked in every available piece of table space all over the place? We agreed, something had to be done. My modest cabinets could not hold more. So I got to thinking of how I could gather my collection. How could I have them in easy reach and yet centralised for the sake of my wife’s sanity?

piperails Here it is then. My solution to the spread out collection. Pipe rails! The construction was easy enough, it was getting the parts for them that was slightly complicated. The clips were only available from the pipe makers, Stanwell, and I needed to make a few phone calls and so on to be able to buy them. The wooden rails came from the local builders merchants and so did the wood stain and screws. All that remained was to measure up and calculate how to arrange a nice number of pipes on the rail. I went for 25 and spaced them at 50mm. Effectively, one could go for any length, depending on the wall space. I chose the wall where my cabinets had been hanging. I’m used to having my pipes “there”.

A few hours work, a repaint of the wall behind the rails, because the cabinets had left marks, and there you are. The first fifty of my pipes all in a row. Well, two rows to be exact and the third one is on its way. I think it looks pretty cool! It certainly shows off my pipes. The long-haired one is happy too. She says she thinks it’s an improvement.

All I need now is some shelves for my scotch, tobacco and other necessities and I’ll be moving into the corner for keeps!

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  1. William permalink
    July 4, 2009 08:33

    Hej. Er du sød at sende mig flere opl. ang. dine pibe rail…..synes det er svært at se på fotoet, hvordan det hele hænger sammen og tror du også jeg kan købe gennem Stanwell?


    E-mail sent. Once you have the clips, all will become clear!

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