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Old Stinky

May 5, 2008

olsen I have been experimenting with my own blend of tobacco. I get my tobacco from the My Own Blend tobacconists, now owned and run by Scandinavian Tobacco Company Group. It used to belong to a man named Paul Olsen, but hey, times change. The thing is, they still know how to blend a real good tobacco mixture. Anyone visiting Copenhagen and looking for them please take note. They have recently moved and the new address is in “Pilestræde” and no longer “Frederick IX’s Gade”.

Having once been presented with a pound of raw rough cut Virginia and, of course, having smoked it, I sort of got the taste for sweet Virginia tobacco. In fact, I loved it. It lacked a little something, but it was very good. I decided to consult my friendly local tobacco blenders. We talked about the various tobaccos available and I decided to try something. We mixed 80% Virginia rough cut with 10% Burley and 10% Latakia for taste. It was terrific. It is still terrific. Later I modified it a little to make a second blend. I decreased the Virginia to 75%, and added 5% Cavendish for sweetness, keeping the Latakia and Burley. That’s pretty darned good too. It has all the makings a good old fashioned English mixture. Both mixtures are good and full bodied, smooth and easily smoked. All in all, I’m happy with them. I may adjust them as time goes by but I have the basis for as reasonable a blend of tobacco as I want it to be. These things take both time and experimentation.

Oldstinky So there you have it. My two “own blends”. At least, for the time being. My wife prefers the second, probably because the Cavendish tones the Latakia down a bit on her nose. It smells a little sweeter. The first blend is, I must admit, a tad rough on the surroundings. If we are to believe all the bullshit from the anti-smoking brigade, then this mixture is lethal to a non-smoker standing downwind at up to 100 yards and will kill small children, dogs and other domesticated animals at up to 300 yards with a single whiff. I have warned the neighbours and I have hazmat signs posted in my living room around my armchair.

Of course all good tobacco mixtures deserve a good name. You know, like St. Bruno, or Gold Flake, Navy Cut and so on. I thought of things like “Bloody Marvelous” or “Spot on”, but in the end, my wife has named my blend no. 1.

She calls it “Old Stinky”!

It may catch on….

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