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My Baby Savinelli

April 30, 2008

PIC00006Here’s a little pipe I bought in Chicago two years ago while visiting the States. I bought it at  Iwan Ries’ shop on South Wabash Street. There were so many pipes to choose from, he has about 15,000 pipes in stock at any one time. This one was on offer and I liked the look of it. The cap and ring are of silver and the pipe is not big. It is as close to a straight grain as it can be and it smokes well. While I was there, I got the guided tour, a cup of “Joe”, one guy polished my own pipes up on a buffer and the boss even gave me a sample of their own 3 Star tobacco. Now there’s American hospitality for you!

Apart from all that, this pipe made a nice souvenir from that fine city. One day, I’m going back there. I want to visit when the pipe show is on!

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  1. matt permalink
    May 13, 2008 02:26

    I’m glad to see you visited Iwan Ries. I moved from Chicago to New York a year ago, and because of the way I was treated there, still order all of my needs from them. I venture to say that a place like IR is a dying breed. Truely, an American gem.

  2. November 8, 2009 04:43

    Iwan Ries is an excellent shop! I am on the West Coast in Southern California. I have purchased from IR many times, and will continue to do so. If I’m ever in Chicago, I plan to make a trip to the store in person. I’d love to browse their inventory in person rather than just in the internet.

    Happy Smoking!

    Michael (Pipe Mike)

    Say “Hi” to Chuck for me!

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