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Stanwell Masterpiece by Tom Eltang

April 5, 2008

This is a lovely pipe. Once again, a present from my adorable wife. The pipe is flawless in every way, which is what makes it a masterpiece, styled and hand cut by one of Denmarks finest pipe makers, Mr. Tom Eltang.

The pipe comes in a wooden presentation box complete with certificate of authenticity and cotton gloves and a leather pouch for transportation. The pipe is coloured and sealed with twelve coats of laquer giving a brilliant finish to the polished bowl. Perfectly proportioned, well balanced and finished with a yellow metal ring and Stanwell logo, it is a pleasure to behold.

Not the largest of pipes, it measures 15 cm in length, has a bowl depth of 37 mm and internal bowl diameter of 19 mm. Outer bowl dimensions; height 43 mm and diameter of 33 mm at its widest point.

I am so proud of this pipe that I keep it in its presentation box and it only comes out when people who really appreciate a nice pipe come to visit. As of yet, it has never left the comfort and security of my living room!

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  1. February 2, 2010 13:51

    Indeed, one magnificent pipe. And Mr. Eltang launched my pipe collecting. Also while he was at Stanwell. They,S, offered a panel Billiard in two of their different lines: Designer Collection & Diplomat(I believe). Both the exact same lines. My 1st pipe came to me by way of The Grandson of E. Silber of Cellini Original fame in Chgo while I was at school. A Billiard. Saw the Eltang pipe on eBay, bid & lost. So entranced with the style, I emailed the seller who went into his inventory to find the last one he had. Bought it, then 2 mos later the same style pipe came up under the other designation. Bought it. 1 & 1/2 years later, more pipes than I can smoke in a year, & still finding lines & makers I never knew existed. Even have a briar that looks as if Geo. Washington himself puffed on this one. Keep this activity going. I learned something this evening: Treating Vulcanite. THANKS.

    And Thankyou Joe. Nice to know that one is providing a little useful advice. Sounds like you have quite a collection. I’d love to see the “George Washington”..!!

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